Webinar replay – Recruitment do’s and don’ts

Webinar replay – Recruitment do’s and don’ts


In this month’s webinar replay, we look back at the highly popular session, “Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts” hosted by Sabelo Gwala, one of our HR consultants. This webinar has received the highest number of views on our YouTube channel so far this year, reflecting its critical importance to our audience.

Key takeaways

In this comprehensive webinar, Sabelo looks into the intricacies of recruitment, covering crucial aspects that every employer must know. From conducting effective interviews to navigating pre-employment checks, understanding the significance of reference checks and handling the delicate process of retracting job offers, no stone is left unturned. In addition, he explores the pitfalls and costs associated with recruiting poorly, offering valuable insights to ensure successful hiring practices.

Q&A highlights 

Q: For an internal recruitment process, is it necessary for HR management to do the whole interview process since they know the applicant’s skills and ability etc? Or is an interview necessary especially if that employee is applying for a new position?

A: With hiring internally, the interview process is not as strict, as you are already familiar with the candidate’s skills and capabilities and you know how they work. You may have an interview if this is a standard process in your business, but it will not be the same as interviewing a new person where you are trying to figure out if the new person’s skills aligns with the position etc.

Q: What about CV’s that do not have any references on them and only have “Reference available on request” – how do you go about that?

A: It depends if the person you are interviewing has the talent and the skills you are looking for, if they do then you could request these from the candidates. Reference checks in most cases are only done after the interviews, with the candidates you are happy with. This is not needed for candidates that did not make the cut. This is an important check and should not be missed.

Q: How important is it for recruitment agencies to give feedback to candidates especially if they are not considering them for the position?

A: Most companies will make a declaration to applicants, that is, if they have not been contacted within two weeks of their application they must consider their application unsuccessful. This helps when you receive large numbers of applications and companies may not have the capacity to call hundreds of applicants. 

Attendee testimonials 

  • “Thanks for a great session, I have been recruiting for a number of years but have picked up some great new tips!” – S McLaughlin
  • “Thank you so much for this Sabelo, this has been very helpful.” – E Benson

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