Jeanette Bennett – Pro Prop

“As a company we took a decision to outsource our payroll and were introduced to HRTorQue and have used their company for the past 7 years. We recommend them for their highly proficient and professional way in which they do business and deal with all aspects of our payroll and returns. Karen and Melany steer a very skilled company. There have been other issues relating to HR that we have called on them to assist with and we have always found their staff to be reliable and competent.”

Gert van der Linde – Chateau Gateaux

“Chateau Gateaux has been working with HRTorQue for several years now and their support throughout our company’s development has been phenomenal. From small to much larger, their team has managed to keep up and provide invaluable support as our needs have changed. The greatest thing about working with HRTorQue is the knowledge that a team of dedicated and knowledgeable people are always available to assist with a smile, no matter what the situation.”

James Pinnell

“It’s good to work with a company that is honest and communicates well – this style fits well with our own ethos, hence our strong relationship with HRTorQue.”

Ronald Tamboer – Buffet Investments

“In the complex arena of HR and payroll administration, for the small business owner it is comforting to know that all our monthly payroll and HR issues are dealt with by experienced people who deliver a friendly and efficient service.”

Diane Kalil – Limaco Clothing

“We had spent many years dealing in house with weekly wages and monthly salaries. It was always a headache to monitor and control properly. Finding HRTorQue was the best thing we could have done! Our figures are always up to date, filing is done promptly and I know that the service we pay for, way exceeds the cost to our company. I am sure we have had savings in many areas due to their efficient systems and competent staff! Thank you HRTorQue for your fantastic service!”

Yvonne Driman

“When we finally made the decision to outsource our HR & payroll, HRTorQue stepped in and overhauled our employment contracts, HR processes and provident fund. Their approach was efficient, pragmatic & precise & they have lifted a great burden off our administration team’s shoulders. The team at HRTorQue has freed us up to focus on the vital task of running our business and we no longer need to worry if we are compliant with all aspects of the law, as they do it all for us.”

Jenny Yates – Trinity Methodist Church

“Karl & Ryan of the payroll department of HRTorQue have been helping the church, by capturing and submitting the tax certificates and the year end documents via Easifiling for us, as we have not been able to keep current with all the new requirements. This has been an absolute blessing. They are up to date on all the legal requirements and kindly keep me informed as to what the Receiver requires. Despite doing this as a social investment intervention and not charging the church, both staff members have been polite and helpful in answering all my queries and have given advice in how to keep everything running smoothly.”


Thomas Sage – Interlogix

“For our two big turnover business with a small staff complement I find the services provided by HRTorQue indispensable.

From the basics of the accurate PAYE and other statutory deductions and professional pay slips to the superb reporting especially the STATS SA quarterly submissions, I don’t want to consider running my businesses without HRTorQue.

It takes a huge weight off my shoulders and turns it into two invoices at the end of the month that I can process and pay in minutes.”