Outsourced Payroll

Are you considering outsourced payroll? At HRTorQue we don’t mind if you want to do your own payroll or outsource to us. We also don’t mind if you want to process on Sage (VIP/Premier, SBCPP or Sage 300 People), Payspace or Psiber. We can help you with all of your requirements. Contact us today to see how we can save you money and de-risk your payroll.

Outsourced payroll companies have a habit of luring clients in with low costs, but then add on the hidden charges whenever a client needs help. At HRTorQue Outsourcing we develop relationships for the long term. This means transparent costs, a professional, personalised service and a commitment to your business success.

We have over twenty years payroll experience in South Africa. If you need help with any of your payroll requirements please contact us and we will tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Why outsource your Payroll?

Outsourcing allows you to focus on your business, without distraction, hindrance or stress.

Business owners face a decision: Do they devote time and energy to developing manpower and know-how to keep up with payroll legislative changes and all the administration and queries that go with it, or do they focus on managing their businesses, generating sales and achieving revenue growth?

Running a legally compliant payroll department has become an increasingly difficult and time-consuming task for companies of all sizes, as mushrooming legislative requirements have resulted in a confusing heap of legal requirements contained in multiple Acts governing tax, HR and payroll.

Payroll Administrators can no longer just be on top of changes from a payroll software and legislation point of view. They also have to keep up with changes that are implemented in the SARS e@syFile and eFiling electronic submission systems and all the acts that govern the paying of employees.

An outsourced payroll solution provides access to a group of professionals able to deal with the legislative complexity and allowing the business to focus on its own operations at a lower overall cost. For small and medium businesses it is an opportunity to provide employees with a large company service without the associated cost tag.

Why use HRTorQue Outsourcing?

With HRTorQue’s service, you get access to the following:

  • A free initial consultation and health check against current legislation
  • A professional team with over 20 years of payroll, HR and tax experience – a trusted business partner
  • A product suitable for companies of all sizes – from those with over 1,000 employees to those with less than 5
  • A full service solution including software and processing with the added benefits of:
  • A cloud based software platform with user-friendly, easy access from all your devices including your mobile
  • No software licensing charges and no additional upgrade charges
  • A single fixed cost per employee per payroll period – no hidden charges
  • A stress free solution – we do everything for you
  • A cost-effective product to meet your budget
  • Access to a dedicated payroll consultant and helpline

Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Even if you do decide not to outsource fully, we can offer support for your payroll (implementation, training and problem solving). This way you better manage your risk in case one of your key payroll team members leave (we will be able to support you at short notice)

Our ability to operate on multiple software platforms gives you the comfort that should one system fail we can easily move you to another with minimal effort on your part.

What is included in your HRTorQue outsourced payroll product?

Your HRTorQue outsourced payroll solution can be customised to suit your needs and can include the following:

  • Registration with relevant authorities (PAYE/ UIF / SDL / COIDA)
  • Processing of payroll – creation of payslips for employees
  • Employer reports fit for purpose
  • Employee and third party payments
  • Submission of information to third party entities dependent on payroll Unions
  • Bargaining councils
  • Medical Aids
  • Pension & Provident Funds
  • Garnishees
  • Third party payment reconciliations
  • Submission of returns to SARS and other regulatory authorities
  • Mid-year submissions (IRP 5 and EMP501)
  • End of year submissions (IRP5 and EMP501)
  • Returns and payments for PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Pre-warning of company filing deadlines
  • End of year returns to COIDA (return of earnings)
  • Submissions to the Department of Labour
  • Management of Garnishee Orders and A88 forms
  • Applications for Letters of Good Standing

Contact us for a free initial consultation.


We have packages to suit all requirements!

  • Basic entry level package from R50* per employee per month
  • Premium packages available to meet all needs
  • Free first consultation
  • Free employment legislation check

*Special assumes one monthly pay run and includes payroll processing and EMP201 submission, but excludes software licensing, payments on your behalf and printing cost for payslips (if required as most employers email payslips).