HR and Payroll Review

At HRTorQue we provide a payroll and HR review service that is designed to give clients an insight into a number of key areas in their payroll and HR processes and answer some of the following questions:

  • Is my HR compliant?
  • Is my payroll setup correctly and compliant with all relevant legislation?
  • Do I have the right policies and procedures and is my contract of employment adequate?
  • Are my HR processes in line with legislation and best practice?
  • What risks am I carrying and what is the potential impact (from civil claims or regulatory penalties)?
  • How could I do things better and save time/money?
  • What is industry best practice?
  • How can I streamline reporting?
  • How can I best use the data in my payroll and HR systems to drive operational efficiency (and save money)?
  • Am I using the best systems for my business? What alternatives are there and is it worth the investment?

With our practical HR and payroll experience together with our knowledge of multiple systems we are well positioned to give clients valuable advice in this space.

We have included some examples below illustrating where we find clients benefiting from a payroll and HR review. 

HR and Payroll Review

Scenario 1 – Company looking to acquire another business

Our due diligence review can identify not only material risks you might face, but also opportunities to save money and streamline the HR and payroll process.

Scenario 2 – New CEO/CFO/HRD looking to analyse risk and best practice

Our review can give you an independent view into how well run your payroll and HR departments are and what opportunities may exist for you to make your mark and add value.

Scenario 3 – Frustrations with your payroll system

By carrying out a review you can assess whether the frustrations are caused by system issues or your own internal processes. We are also able to offer an insight into whether alternative systems would make any difference at all or whether you would be best served by following a cheaper alternative.

Scenario 4 – Concerns about key staff leaving

We can map out processes and identify over-reliance on key staff and alternatives to manage this within the organisation.

Scenario 5 – Multi-national compliance

Where you are concerned about local business practices and the risk of running payrolls and HR in South Africa, we can do a review to assess processes and key controls to identify risk areas and recommend improvements.