Tax Consulting & Tax Compliance

Tax Consulting Services

  • Consulting on PAYE, Income Tax, UIF or COID / Workman’s Compensation related issues.
  • Conducting Employees Tax reviews with the intention of highlighting areas of non-compliance and then instituting corrective action.
  • Providing salary structuring services and related consulting.
  • Assist in client interaction with statutory bodies (SARS, the Department of Labour and the Compensation Commissioner).
  • Presentation of seminars or the provision of training on topical issues or changes to legislation (PAYE or Income Tax).
  • Assist clients during audits performed by SARS.
  • Respond to audit findings presented by SARS.
  • Assist clients with the set up of provident funds and choosing of medical aids.
  • Tax planning

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Tax Compliance Services

  • Complete and submit IT 12 tax returns on behalf of individual taxpayers.
  • Complete any other statutory form or return required by SARS.
  • Register and deregister clients for Income Tax, PAYE, UIF and COID / Workman’s Compensation purposes.
  • Registration of companies with CIPC.

Tax Services