Finance Admin

At HRTorQue we provide a service to allow our clients to focus on their business without distraction. Our Outsourced Finance and Admin solution is designed for all businesses. If you are looking for more generic accounting services (including bookkeeping, CIPC company registration, VAT and tax returns and financial statement preparation) then please see our services here. If you are looking for a more customised and value-added approach then read on.

We use a combination of cloud based software and specialised personnel to design solutions to suit. Whether you are looking for a bookkeeper or full finance team to help your business, or wish to have a specific finance task carried out because your team is too busy, we can help you.

We have included some scenarios below indicating the type of work we can do for you:

  1. Established Group Finance Department with no time each month to drive forward some of their key projects
  2. New/growing company without a Finance department
  3. Specific interventions

Outsourced Finance

Scenario 1 – Business with established Finance Department

You have an established Group Finance department, but it is swamped by administrative tasks and reporting requests which limit their ability to deal with the real issues. For example, there is no time to streamline your chart of accounts, introduce improved management accounts, consolidate smaller entities, prepare and distribute specific reports.

By using HRTorQue you can avoid the hassle of hiring, training and managing extra staff. Instead we can manage our own team to deliver the outcome you are looking for allowing you to vastly improve the efficiency of your department.

Scenario 2 – New/Growing Company without a Finance Department

You have never needed a Finance department before and are concerned about the cost of hiring full time Finance support. You feel you need a Finance Director for your business, but don’t have the budget.

From an administrative perspective we can provide a team to maintain your books and fulfill your reporting requirements. Information will be processed on a cloud based accounting system so you will always have access to your information in real time.

If you then need the specific capabilities of a Finance Director we can provide a resource as and when needed to help you manage and grow your business.

Scenario 3 – Specific Intervention

You are concerned that you have lost control of your accounts payable . You hope suppliers are being paid correctly, but you have no idea. You also don’t know if there are any opportunities to negotiate better discounts because you don’t have the facts.

HRTorQue can provide an administrator to manage and control your accounts payable better. One of our experienced team can then help identify ways for you to save money.