Fixed term contracts: What you need to know

Fixed term contracts: What you need to know

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It’s become very common in the workplace to hire new staff on a fixed term contract (FTC), as opposed to making them permanent employees. However, the Labour Relations Act (LRA) is quite specific in Section 198B in terms of when you can have a FTC, so make sure you’re up to speed on what the law and the experts have to say.

The only acceptable reasons for entering into a fixed term contract, where the employee is under the threshold, is when the employee:

  • is replacing another employee who is temporarily absent from work
  • is employed on account of a temporary increase in the volume of work which is not expected to endure beyond 12 months
  • is a student or recent graduate who is employed for the purpose of being trained or gaining work experience in order to enter a job or profession
  • is employed to work exclusively on a specific project that has a limited or defined duration
  • is a non-citizen who has been granted a work permit for a defined period
  • is employed to perform seasonal work
  • is employed for the purpose of an official public works scheme or similar public job creation scheme
  • is employed in a position which is funded by an external source for a limited period; or
  • has reached the normal or agreed retirement age applicable in the employer’s business.

If none of these are applicable to your situation, the best option is to have a permanent contract in place with a probation that is managed correctly, and to terminate the service before probation ends if the new employee is not suitable.

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