Encouraging employee performance

Encouraging employee performance

Human Resources

Together with job profiles and key performance areas, employees need to know when they are performing well and when they are not.

Effective managers assist in clarifying expectations and provide clear, timeous communication relating to the employee’s work structure and priority of tasks.

They hold employees responsible and accountable for their input and output, and make themselves available to assist the employee with their questions. They also ensure ongoing support and regular feedback.

After setting expectations, effective managers do not walk away hoping that the task will ‘just be done’. Regular measurement and feedback are essential. This employee engagement plays a crucial role in supporting company growth.

What is responsibility and accountability?

The responsible person is the individual who completes the task and is the person responsible for action / implementation. Responsibility can be shared. The degree of responsibility is determined by the individual with the ‘accountability’.

This is the person who is ultimately answerable for the activity or decision.

The main difference between responsibility and accountability is that responsibility can be shared while accountability cannot. Being accountable not only means being responsible for something but also ultimately being answerable for your actions. Also, accountability is something you hold a person to only after a task is done or not done. Responsibility can be before and/or after a task.

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