Employment Equity: Are you compliant?

Employment Equity: Are you compliant?

Employment Equity

Employers failing to comply with the Employment Equity Act can be liable of a fine of up to R900 000!!

Services Offered

  • Completion and submission of EEA2 and EEA4 forms
  • Monitoring and evaluation in line with EE requirements
  • Completion and/or updating of equity plan
  • Employment equity forum training

DEADLINE: 1st October 2013

The Act requires that any person who employs 150 or more employees is required to submit to the Act.

As a designated employer you’re required to comply with the following in terms of the Employment Equity Act:
1. Submit Employment Equity Reports and Income Differential statement by 1 October.
2. Assign a Senior Manager to manage and implement Employment Equity in the company
3. Establish a Consultative Forum
4. Prepare an Employment Equity Plan
5. Monitor and Review your Employment Equity Plan

For further information or assistance please contact Nicky Hardwick: [email protected] or 083 788 6999.