What is Con/Arb at CCMA?

What is Con/Arb at CCMA?

Human Resources

Con/Arb stands for Conciliation and Arbitration.

Con/Arb is a process that allows for a quicker resolution of matters referred to the CCMA relating to unfair labour practices and unfair dismissals. The process of Con/Arb will always begin with conciliation in an attempt to mutually settle the matter between both parties. Should this not be possible the commissioner will declare the matter unresolved and the Arbitration process will automatically begin.

A Con/Arb is compulsory for any matter relating to:

  • Dismissals for any reason relating to probation; and
  • Any unfair labour practice relating to probation

Con/Arb may not be used for dismissal/s as a result of unprotected strikes.

Both parties may object to the Con/Arb process, with the employee doing so on the LRA Form 7.11 and the employer giving written notice at least 7 days prior to the hearing.

Should you have any queries or require assistance with CCMA matters please contact Nicky Hardwick: [email protected].