Protection from Harassment Act

Protection from Harassment Act

Human Resources, Legislation

The Protection from Harassment Act came into effect on the weekend of the 27th April 2013, in line with Human Rights Day. This act specifically deals with all issues relating to harassment, including sexual harassment and the process around gaining protection orders. Although this Act is not specific to employers in general, there are a few elements that apply to all individuals, including employers.

If a person who is being harassed (the applicant) applies or intends to apply for a protection order and it appears that the harasser or their accomplice is unknown to the applicant, the police will need to conduct an investigation to determine who these people are. If a person or employer fails to give the requested information, or gives false information to the police, this person will be guilty of an offence and, on conviction, could be liable for a fine or six months in prison.

As an employer, it is imperative that you and your staff are aware of what your obligations are.

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