Management Development Programme

Management Development Programme

Human Resources

Very few managers can afford two or three days out the office for workshops and training sessions.

We are able to offer clients this eight module process, which provides an innovative mix of training and coaching which ensures the transfer of skills to the workplace and provides the busy manager with personalised input around real time issues. The programme involves a time investment of 6 hours a month, scheduled according to individual availability, with a total of 16 hours contact time.

The four month programme ensures the skills are embedded via one-on-one mentoring, coaching sessions to encourage reflection, real issue assignments and a complete workbook for post programme reference.

1. Fundamentals of Management
2. Self-Management for Leaders
3. Authentic Leadership and Personal effectiveness
4. Conflict Management, Communication and EQ
5. Employee engagement and managing diversity
6. The Manager as Coach and Performance Management
7. Organisation Systems and Processes to Improve Performance
8. Monitoring and Implementation of Strategy

The basic modules listed above can be augmented with personalised interventions tailored to the individuals or organisations specific requirements.

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