Breaking news: National minimum wage raised by 8.5%

Breaking news: National minimum wage raised by 8.5%

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Author: Kalleigh Gore

 South Africa has increased its national minimum wage by 8.5%. Effective from March 1st, the new minimum wage stands at R27.58 per hour, up from the previous R20. This hike exceeds the latest annual consumer price inflation rate of 5.1% in December.

For those employed on an expanded public works programme, the minimum wage has been raised to R15.16 per hour.

The national minimum wage for domestic and farm workers, previously set at R15 and R18 per hour respectively, has now been aligned with the general minimum wage.

For workers putting in standard eight-hour days over 20 days a month, the new minimum wage translates to a monthly income of approximately R4,413.

For employers, it is important to review your wages per hour to make sure employees are earning more than the minimum wage. the Department of Labour is aggressively auditing employers for this and similar legislative compliance issues.

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