Injury on Duty Reporting Process and Claiming your Money

Injury on Duty Reporting Process and Claiming your Money

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We often have enquiries about the process to be followed when reporting an injury on duty (IOD). Linked to this is often the more important question, “how am I going to claim my money back?”.

Reporting an Injury on Duty

The process to follow in reporting an injury on duty is:

  • An employer must submit a W.C.L 2 and W.C.L 3 form to the Commissioner (Department of Labour) within 7 days of being informed of an occupational injury.
  • Within 14 days of the injury, the doctor approached to assess the employee’s injury needs to complete a W.C.L 14 form stating how long it will take for the employee’s injury to heal. The employer is required to submit the W.C.L 14 online by this same deadline.
  • If the employee’s injury will take a long time to heal, the doctor (on a monthly basis) will have to provide the employer with a W.C.L 5 form to submit to the Commissioner. The W.C.L 5 is a monthly progress report on how the injury is healing.
  • When the employee’s injury heals, the doctor is to state on their last W.C.L 5 that the injury has healed and recommend whether the employee is able to come back to work or not. After receiving the doctors last W.C.L 5, the employer is to then submit it to the Department of Labour together with a W.C.L 6. (a W.C.L 6 is a document that declares that the employee is back at work and the case is being closed).

Claiming your Money Back

On the W.C.L 6 submitted to the Department of Labour, the employer needs to state and include proof of the following:

  • The compensation they paid their employees on the days they were booked off by the doctor due to an IOD; and
  • The medical costs that the employer paid for their employee.

Employers will need to keep a record of all invoices for expenses as these will need to be included in the company’s Occupational Health and Safety file.

Upon successful submission, the compensation fund will refund the employer the claimed funds.

Please contact us if you need help with any part of this process.