Department of Labour audits: How to be prepared

Department of Labour audits: How to be prepared

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The Department of Labour’s inspection and enforcement service have actively been conducting audits over the last few months, with fines being issued for areas of non-compliance.

So, how can you be prepared?

When conducting an audit, the Department of Labour will request the following documentation to be sent to them for review:

  1. Proof that a copy of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act is displayed for all employees to see
  2. Copies of attendance registers for the last two months – Note: These must be in the form of a physical signed attendance register or a Time and Attendance system report
  3. Signed employment contracts of at least two employees – Note: Any person who works for more than 24 hours per month is deemed to be an employee and must have a contract
  4. Information about remuneration (2 x payslips)
  5. Unemployment Insurance, registration number as well as proof of last payments
  6. COIDA registration number as well as proof of last payment
  7. Company letterhead or copy of CIPRO certificate
  8. List containing the names and ID numbers of all employees
  9. Business registered and trading name
  10. CEO name/surname and contact details
  11. Total number of employees and breakdown between males and females
  12. Brief background of your business

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