Benefits of time and attendance

Benefits of time and attendance

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Author: Daniel Dinnie (TimeGuard)

Often, we hear about a product or specialised service that we know others are using, but aren’t sure exactly what it entails or how it can help us. Here are some general benefits of a time and attendance (T&A) solution that we suggest looking into:

  1. Reduces admin time in the processing of wages
  2. Reduces costs associated with the processing of wages
  3. Increases accuracy of hours captured
  4. Removes the human element of staff hours calculation
  5. Gives local administrators the ability to administer remote staff

To find out how a T&A solution can make your business more productive, contact Pila on [email protected] . HRTorQue can consult and integrate a T&A system seamlessly with your payroll system, ensuring that all your setups are done quickly and correctly.