HR Administration – new HRTorQue product

HR Administration – new HRTorQue product

Human Resources

“HRTorQue offers an unique HRAdmin product to make sure your employee records and filings are complete and easily available when you need them.”

Behind some of the well-known aspects of Human Resources activity such as recruitment, payroll, training, remuneration and grievances, there is a massive amount of administration involved in keeping employee records up to date. Time consuming and menial, this is a task which often falls by the way side until the records are needed and not available or until an incorrect return is submitted to authorities with resulting penalties and fines.

HR Administration forms an integral part of all business requirements and failure to manage this element creates many staff management challenges.

While it is a solution to hire an extra HR resource, we also find through client feedback that this firstly costs more than clients wish to spend on HR admin, but more importantly doesn’t always solve the problem as the new hire tends to get pulled into doing other HR work and the HR admin becomes an issue again.

Recognising this challenge, HRTorQue have come up with a great solution for clients.

This solution comes in two distinct parts:

  1. We offer a resource to tidy up your HR Admin in the short term and longer term to make sure you stay organised; and
  2. We offer clients access to an excellent HR Admin software package (through eTorQue) providing a platform to store and maintain employee records

Take advantage of the following:

  • No need to hire a new HR full time resource
  • No training period to get the new resource up to speed
  • Access to fully trained and experienced personnel
  • Access through your HRTorQue HRAdmin resource to a wealth of experienced professionals at HRTorQue
  • Access to a proven, established software platform
  • A cheaper and more effective overall solution

Please email us on [email protected] if you would like to hear more about this exciting product.