Department of Labour Health and Safety Inspections

Department of Labour Health and Safety Inspections

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We are aware of a number of clients who have been selected for the Department of Labour Health & Safety and Covid-19 audits and who are falling short due to non-compliance with the COVID-19 related risk assessments.

These requirements were put in place in 2020 after the hard lockdown was eased and are a mandatory requirement.

The Risk Assessment must contain the following information –

  • Hazard
  • Who may be at risk
  • Task or activity
  • Route of exposure
  • Health effects
  • Risk level
  • Existing and additional control measures

In addition to the Risk Assessment the following is also required –

  1. Company registration document
  2. Company letterhead
  3. Proof of registration & last payment for COIDA (Compensation for occupational injuries)
  4. Proof of registration & payment for UIF (Unemployment insurance)
  5. Appointment letters & proof of training for the health & safety representative, first aider and General machinery supervisor (if applicable)

HRTorQue has developed a Risk Assessment Tool Kit and other documentation to assist with compliance in this regard.

Should you need assistance or further guidance please contact [email protected].