Conquering the skills gap with your current workforce

Conquering the skills gap with your current workforce

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Searching for new staff to fill the skills gap is often a major concern for organisations. We recommend and advise that companies look at retaining their current skilled staff as the first step. One way that companies can conquer employee attrition is by offering employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and have a positive impact in the organisation.

Companies that offer essential upskilling, training and career pathing should not only drive efficiency and retention of their current talent but also help to appeal to the best talent in the market.

To accomplish this, best practice suggests there are 3 things companies can do to develop a career succession strategy that will attract and preserve talent:

  1. Encourage employees to own their careers – When employees take ownership of their careers, they feel a sense of purpose and belonging. Encourage them to explore their strengths and values and how they align with those of the organisation.
  2. Expand the meaning of career development – Ensure that your organisation has a broad definition of career development beyond just promotions. Brainstorm ways employees can grow within a position and grow within a function.
  3. Fast-track careers of underrepresented groups – Foster inclusiveness and develop professional growth by forming a mentorship programme. It is also imperative to provide mentors with the support they need to be aware of their role and the exact ways they can support their mentees.

If existing and prospective employees see a clear career path to learn, grow, and be connected to impactful and meaningful work, they should feel inspired, motivated and far more likely to stay at an organisation, avoid employee attrition and diminish the skills gap.

HRTorQue is able to assist organisation with all aspects of skills development including skills gaps audit and analysis, career path development, succession and experience planning.

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