Are you struggling to record accurate timesheets?

Are you struggling to record accurate timesheets?

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Author: Daniel Dinnie (TimeGuard)

Are your staff filling in their time sheets correctly? For many businesses, the answer is more than likely a no. After all, it is very easy for an employee to write down on a sheet of paper that they arrived at 08:00, when perhaps it was later than that.

Luckily, help is at hand! A simple technology-based time and attendance solution will ensure that only accurate data is recorded, eliminating any questionable time and attendance entries.

At HRTorQue, we can help you get started with a holistic time and attendance solution, from onsite installation of biometric devices at your premises through to integration with your payroll system. Critically, we can assist you to interrogate your data and find ways to identify cost savings for your business.

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