Appointment of external SARS debt collectors

Appointment of external SARS debt collectors

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SARS has started the process of notifying taxpayers with outstanding debt of older than five years, of its intent to hand them over to external third-party debt collectors from October 2023.

These debt collectors will assist with overdue accounts where taxpayers have been repeatedly contacted, sent letters of demand detailing options for debt resolution, but have failed to settle their accounts or formalise payment arrangements with SARS.

Taxpayers who receive a notification from SARS and fail to make payment arrangements or settle their debt immediately will be notified via letter that their debt has been handed over to SARS appointed debt collectors.

SARS has assigned dedicated consultants to help affected taxpayers with handover-related questions through a dedicated mailbox. Taxpayers can also use SARS eFiling/MobiApp to request a payment arrangement.

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