UIF – A Quick Recap After the Budget Speech

UIF – A Quick Recap After the Budget Speech


The earnings limit/ceiling has increased since the speech.

There will be some very interesting developments regarding online/instant submissions being released during the course of this year – we anticipate no paperwork and almost instant access to benefits if claimed online.

Please remember that foreigners must contribute unless they are contracted and required to leave SA on completion of the contract, if they pay they and their dependants can claim from UIF, (previously they couldn’t). This was backdated to April 2002.

If you didn’t pay anything over for foreigners during the past few years, whilst they were not entitled to claim them – you have a legal case as to why you shouldn’t pay any arrears now. Then consider that there are 15 million (30%) of our 50 million citizens who will be on Social Security this year and there is talk of education levies being carried by the upper income earners.