Time & Attendance

Features and Benefits of PsiberTime


  • Hardware is agnostic, i.e. it is designed to interface to most existing hardware systems
  • Remote and local cabled solution
  • Finger or Facial Biometrics – allows for combinations of RFI Card, fingerprint, employee access pin
  • Biometrics mirror to sharing devices – eliminates multi-site enrolments
  • Real-time and Offline modes with automated re-connectivity
  • Stores up to 2 000 employees per device and over 100 000 transactions locally and unlimited numbers via the cloud
  • Devices can control turnstiles, door locks and other WEGAN standard access devices
  • Local area network and 3G mobile network
  • Fixed wall mount, desk stand mount or portable rubberised water resistant unit
  • Built-in battery backup
    • Fixed: 8 hours
    • Portable: 16 hours
    • Can be connected to a 12V motor battery


  • 100% cloud based – no installation of software required
  • Real-time system
    • No human intervention between clocking and reporting
    • Automated integration with PSIber Payroll
  • Allows operation via any web browser as well as smartphones or tablets
    • Powered by Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Reporting and Analysis Server ensure scaleability and reliability
  • Hosted in a world class mission critical data environment
  • Push and pull reporting – automated via SMS, Excel or PDF
  • Real-time dashboards allow for management information at a glance
  • Multi-level approval and authorisation levels
  • Flexible organisation structure builder
    • Hierarchical role of reporting
    • Delegation of authority
  • Fully integrated to eTorQue’s payroll and human resources modules
  • Able to export to third party systems
  • Multi-source inputs (refer to table below)


Overview of PsiberTime Elements


What is PSIberTime?

PSIberTIME is a fully agnostic, multi-source, cloud-based time and attendance system that leverages dynamic hardware and software features, backed by payroll intelligence, to deliver purpose-built workforce management capabilities – saving you time and money, and increasing productivity.