Tax Return Completion Services

Tax Return Completion Services

  • Are you apprehensive of completing and submitting your own tax return?
  • Have you previously made mistakes completing your annual tax return and spent hours trying to rectify it?
  • Are you worried about the more aggressive tactics used by SARS?

The tax filing season officially starts on 1 July 2015 for the 2015 tax year (1 March 2014 to 28 February 2015) and for countless taxpayers this season will cause significant stress. Many taxpayers will make the decision to visit SARS and sit in lengthy queues to have their tax returns completed. Others will make valiant attempts to get their return submitted via SARS e-filing and experience the challenges posed by the complex format of the return. HRTorQue Outsourcing can provide a third option that will relieve you of this stress and ensure that your return is correctly and timeously submitted to SARS.

HRTorQue Outsourcing can provide tax completion services to salaried taxpayers for R660 (including VAT).

This service will include the following functions:

  • Collection and collation of supporting documentation necessary to complete your tax return.
  • Completion and filing of the tax return.
  • Checking of assessment and notifying you of the result thereof.

We do however reserve the right to quote separately for the completion of tax returns that require the drafting of income statements or additional expense schedules required by SARS. Taxpayers who would fall into this category would be those who earn mainly commission, receive rental income or are independent contractors.

Should you wish to take advantage of this offer or have any questions regarding this process please do not hesitate to contact Dave Beattie on 031 582 7410, 082 378 5655 or [email protected].