Support SA – Help for those looking for jobs

HRTorQue would like to assist those who have who have lost their jobs because their employers have been directly impacted by the riots, looting and destruction in July 2021.

We have created a mechanism where those who have lost their jobs can be linked with businesses who have job opportunities available.

HRTorQue will obtain relevant information on work history; skills; the education levels of prospective candidates; and conduct reference checks for prospective employers.

HRTorQue is not charging for this service

We unfortunately cannot guarantee employment for candidates.

Businesses who have been impacted and whose staff have lost their jobs are free to send this notice to their staff to register their details.

If you are a business that have opportunities for employment (long or short term) please complete this form to register your interest. This does not commit you to any action.

If you are a candidate looking for work please complete this form and we will be in contact if there is something available.