Telephone Etiquette

Half Day Workshop with Nicky Hardwick

Today’s technology allows you to handle more customer service calls than ever before. But when telephone personnel lack call management skills, the only thing you get from all that technology is the ability to serve more people poorly. That means losing customers – and profits.

The extra mile doesn’t have to cost an extra dollar for your customer or your company. But going the extra mile can create priceless memories for your customers, goodwill for your company and a fountain of good feelings for you. When you improve customer experience everyone wins.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use effective call greetings as a caller and receiver
  • Project the company’s image in a positive manner
  • Practice good telephone techniques and manners
  • Use appropriate language during telephone conversations
  • Manage difficult calls
  • Learn to manage stress levels during calls

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Improved communication both internally and externally
  • Confidence in dealing with various types of customers
  • Complaint handling in a professional, honest and transparent manner that is understood and trusted by both staff and customers
  • Consideration of the impact of customer service on the overall business
  • Greater support and productivity amongst staff
  • Creativity that drives continuous improvement and innovation across the organisation

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