SARS updates and notifications

SARS updates and notifications

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Change to complaints toll-free number

On the 16th February, SARS issued a notice indicating a change to their Complaints Management Office (CMO) toll-free contact number. For ease of reference, it is now 0800121216.

Employers’ failure to deduct employees’ tax

SARS have also issued a draft interpretation note with regards to the consequences of an employer’s failure to deduct or withhold employees’ tax. The notice can be accessed here.

It is important for employers and employees to know the law in this regard. The interpretation note explains the law, expands on the obligations of the employer and the employee, clarifies the consequences to both employer and employee in case of non-compliance, and most importantly, explains the personal liability of the employer in such cases.

The public were invited to submit comments by the 15th March 2024.