SARS launches new USSD service

SARS launches new USSD service

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The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has recently launched a new USSD service, enabling taxpayers to easily manage their tax matters from an ‘older model’ mobile phone.

With this new initiative, SARS provides an additional channel for taxpayers to access SARS services and stay on top of their tax obligations.

How does it work?

The new USSD service makes it easy for taxpayers to communicate with SARS without having to own a smartphone or visit a SARS branch. All you need is a basic feature phone with a dial function, and you will be able to use the code * 134 * 7277 # to interact with SARS.

After entering the code, taxpayers will be presented with four menu options:
1. To check if they have a tax number
2. To get their account balance
3. To check if they need to submit a tax return
4. To make an e-booking to visit a branch

These options provide taxpayers with an easy way to keep track of their accounts and ensure that all their tax filings are up to date. It also allows taxpayers to book appointments at any SARS branch in South Africa if they need further assistance or more information about their accounts or returns. The USSD service is free and does not require any data.

Why the need for such a service?
Notall taxpayers have access to the same resources, which is why SARS has launched this additional channel for those taxpayers who may not have access to eFiling, the SARS MobiApp, or even own a smartphone.

The USSD service is available from the 20th March 2023. Whether you are checking your account balance or making an appointment at one of the SARS branches, everything has now become a lot easier!

HRTorQue has created a handy PDF to help you when using the USSD platform, which you can view here.