Salary benchmarking

Salary benchmarking

Payroll / eTorQue

Organisations often struggle to determine how to remunerate their employees fairly. In a market where quality, skilled employees are hard to find it is important to ensure that you are competitive in terms of setting remuneration levels to attract and retain high calibre staff.

Questions like:

  • Do we have internal pay parity amongst employees?
  • Are staff paid fairly against the market?
  • What do we use for benchmarking?
  • How do we do the benchmarking?

are commonplace and are sometimes difficult to answer without the correct tools and skills.

HRTorQue has the capability to conduct an internal benchmark for all your staff and compare your internal remuneration structures against comparative external market data. This benchmarking is becoming increasingly relevant based on legislative requirements around ‘equal pay for equal work’.

eTorque as a system can be very helpful in providing easy access to remuneration data for benchmarking purposes.

For more information on the Benchmarking Intervention or on how to use e-TorQue in this regard, please contact [email protected].