Moving from Mates to Managers – Skills for New Managers

Moving from Mates to Managers – Skills for New Managers

Human Resources

You’ve just promoted a great employee, someone who’s ambitious, works well and knows the business. Now you look forward to seeing him/her shine as a manager!

A few months later you are left wondering what went wrong.

For some reason, the idea persists that front line employees who excel can be placed in management or supervisory positions and they will do equally well. However, that’s rarely the case without help.

Perhaps the worst dilemma for managers is getting placed in a supervisory role without any training for how to do it well. The typical manager suddenly has to become a motivator, trainer, mediator, planner, problem solver, cheerleader, delegator, disciplinarian, social worker and more, all while remaining diligent workers. They also have to renegotiate relationships with those they have been promoted over, people who were peers and those who may well have wanted the position as well.

Here’s where the ‘Mates to Manager Workshop’ can help, providing an opportunity for first-time managers and supervisors to learn the practical skills it usually takes managers years to learn.

At this quality, focused, practical supervisor training, they will learn how to:

  • Influence, work, and negotiate with people – not just boss them around
  • Communicate powerfully and persuasively
  • Understand a range of techniques to manage conflict and build relationships
  • Engage, lead and develop a team
  • Delegate effectively to increase productivity and motivation
  • Use coaching skills in order to maximise your team’s performance
  • Manage time while juggling an ever-changing list of priorities

But will one workshop really make a difference?

We understand that one workshop isn’t the total solution to achieving management excellence, and no one expects managers to be able to go back after two days and get it all right, all of the time.

Bottom line… As great as the workshop is, like any training there are hiccups when translating theory into practice. Back at work managers will have additional questions and encounter unexpected challenge in applying the learning.

That’s why we INCLUDE four live, group coaching sessions! These four sessions provide direct and personal access to an experienced coach for two hours each month following the workshop.

At these sessions managers have an opportunity to:

  • Find answers to their most pressing questions.
  • Share advice on implementing ideas and plans more successfully.
  • Share and learn from each other’s successes.
  • Test new initiatives before embarking on changes.
  • Valuable learning opportunities from questions and challenges of others in the group.

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