Let the Truth be Told

Let the Truth be Told

Human Resources

The recent global ‘ACFE Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse 2014’ global fraud study gives a clear indication that the honest employees are no longer accepting dishonesty.

The experience of the directors of Whistle Blowers, gained during their many years within specialised police units, handling sensitive information, has led to a skilled team at Whistle Blowers being able to gather accurate information to get to the bottom of a particular illicit activity to aid in investigation, without exposing the identity of a whistleblower. The trust relationship between the whistleblower and the Whistle Blowers staff is regarded as of the utmost importance and the whistleblower is guided throughout the process of disclosing information. At no time would Whistle Blowers make the identity of a whistleblower known.

The graph below indicates the method by which dishonesty has been identified. Tips from employees are by far in the majority.

Source of Tips: