HRTorQue moves into time & attendance

HRTorQue moves into time & attendance

Business, Human Resources

Time & attendance is an area we see a lot of clients getting very frustrated. They implement a time & attendance hardware and software package and then assume that everything will work out perfectly and it doesn’t (for some of the challenges on time & attendance please see one of our previous articles).

Historically we have steered clear of assisting clients in this space because we were concerned that we did not have the technical capabilities to deal with the hardware and software challenges.

We are very pleased to say we have now partnered with a couple of market leading partners able to provide the hardware and software while we assist the client to optimise their time & attendance processes.

Time & attendance is not cheap to install, but the problem we almost always see is that because clients don’t use it properly it stays a cost to the organization. To make it a no brainer decision, you need to use the info provided and drive efficiencies. If you do this then the system pays for itself many times over.

If you are looking to implement a time & attendance system, are frustrated with the support you currently receive from your provider or want to learn how to get a return on your investment and use the time data to drive efficiencies, please feel free to contact us.