Finance Administration Service

Finance Administration Service


At HRTorQue we specialise in providing payroll and HR administrative services. There is a close relationship between the processes in finance and those in payroll (often payroll is run by the finance department) including the need to accurately reconcile payroll and capture payroll information into the accounts (while retaining confidentiality).

We are therefore pleased to announce that we have added finance resources to our capabilities and are now able to offer a number of services to clients including those below.

Service Areas

For Payroll:

  • Preparation of general ledgers for payroll info
  • Reconciliation between payroll reports, EFT payments and general ledgers (critical for audits)
  • Financial reporting (based on payroll info)

Company Setup:

  • Registration with CIPC
  • Registration with SARS and Department of Labour (corp. tax, PAYE, UIF, SDL)

Company Returns:

  • VAT returns
  • Annual financial statement preparation
  • Corporation tax returns

Management Reporting:

  • Budget preparation
  • Management reports

Finance Administration:

  • Specific finance support to perform requested activities e.g. reconciliations, finance projects, integrations, consolidations
  • Finance outsourcing
    • Bookkeeping
    • Invoicing and debtors
    • Billing and payments (creditors)
    • Stock / inventory management