Claiming UIF Benefits

Claiming UIF Benefits

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In order to claim UIF benefits one needs to have the following information available:

  • Your 13-digit bar-coded ID or passport.
  • A UI-2.8 form for banking details.
    • This needs to be signed by your bank and be accompanied by a stamped bank statement to confirm your bank account details.
  • A form UI-19 to show employment history. This form is to be filled in by your previous employer.
    • The Labour Department will check your last four years of work history to calculate your UIF benefit amount. Make sure you have all necessary declarations from previous employers dating back four years. If an employer has failed to issue you with a declaration, they must also fill out a UI-19 form.
  • A workseeker form.
  • Your last two pay slips.

It is important to note that you can only claim UIF if your contract has been terminated by your employer. You cannot claim UIF it you decide to leave your job of your own free will.

Even if you have all the above you will also only receive benefits if you are out of work involuntarily and meet the requirements of the Act and if your employer is in good standing with SARS (including up to date on contributions up to date with their electronic declarations to the Department of Labour).