HRTorQue offers a wide range of pre-employment checks.

Statistics show that many job applicants lie on their resumes and CVs about their criminal history, previous employment and educational qualifications in order to get a job.

The result of this is that many employers only find out after they have employed the person that he/she has not been truthful. As an employer you can go down the route of handling the matter through discipline or performance however the employee can still go to CCMA, which is time consuming and sometimes costly.

The best and most cost effective way of dealing with this situation is to conduct pre-employment checks and screening on prospective employees prior to employing them.

Common Pre-employment Check Cost
Criminal Clearance via fingerprints R350
Criminal Clearance via ID Number R150
Credit Bureau Report – TransUnion R100
Credit Bureau Report – Experian R100
Matric Verification or Umalusi Other – Pre 1992 R150
Academic Qualification Verification (South Africa) R150
N Level Qualification Verification R150
Academic Qualification Verification (Sub Saharan Africa) R300
Academic Qualification Verification (Global) R450
Reference Checks – per reference of up to 3 previous employers R350
Driver’s Licence Verification R150
Sexual Offence Clearance Checks R350
Child Protection Register Clearances* R50 per person

Please Note: Sexual Offence Clearance Checks and Child Protection Register Clearances are legal requirements for any person who has access to children.
*Minimum fee R500.
All prices exclude VAT.

For more information and costs on the above please contact us.

Pre-employment Checks

From R150 per check

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