UIF launches free app

UIF launches free app

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Author: Tshidi Moeleso

Standing in long lines has been a universal inconvenience for as long as commerce and public services have existed. Whether it is waiting at the grocery store or a popular restaurant, the frustration of wasting time in a queue is a common experience.

As we all know, government services are often the worst offenders – however, the digital age has ushered in some innovative solutions to this age-old problem.

UIF Commissioner Teboho Maruping, recently launched a zero-rated mobile application as well as a free Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) platform to enable clients to access UIF services at any time, from everywhere, at no cost. This will offer a self-service option to clients, reduce long queues in labour centres and alleviate pressure on officials.

The Commissioner believes the platform will also put more money in the pockets of users because they will save on transport costs currently being incurred to visit labour centres.

Workers are encouraged to use this service as the technology is at their fingertips. Said Maruping: “We are moving with the times to create a better, more capable UIF that leverages technology to respond to challenges on the ground and changes in external environment.”

He added that the UIF recognises that most of their clients may not be in the best financial position to access this service, and it is for this reason they have introduced the additional, free USSD platform.

“The two platforms enable clients to check their UIF registration status, which will improve non-compliance with the UIF Act by employers who fail to register, declare and pay contribution for their workers,” said Maruping. “By simply dialling *134*843# on any cell phone for free, clients can among other things, submit a continuation of payments or check their claim and payments status, instead of visiting a labour centre. The same service can also be accessed on the mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store, the App Store or the Huawei App Store.”

All UIF contributing workers are encouraged to use the platforms to check their registration status while in employment, as this helps in the claims process should a claim be made. Employees are urged to report their employers to a labour inspector if they establish that employers are deducting UIF from employees but not registering them with the UIF. Labour inspectors can then take corrective action so that employees are not prejudiced.

Thanks to innovative solutions like the UIF zero rated app unnecessary queueing will become a thing of the past. As HR specialists, we are also here to help you with any UIF-related queries you may have – email us for more information.