What form of leave – IOD for less than 3 days?

What form of leave – IOD for less than 3 days?

COIDA, Human Resources

If an employee has an IOD for only 3 days, what form of leave should be recorded?

Section 24 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act states that sick leave does “not apply to an inability to work caused by an accident or occupational disease”. However, Section 24 goes further to state that the above mentioned applies to all cases of sick leave except for cases where “no compensation is payable in terms of the COID and the Occupational Disease in Mines and Works Acts”.

The COID act stipulates payment rates for leave periods that are four days and beyond but does not stipulate payment rates to be paid when employees are placed on leave due to an IOD for a period of three days or less. Section 22 (2) of the COID act further states that “no periodical payments shall be made in respect to temporary total disablement or temporary partial disablement which lasts for three days or less”.

The sum of the above is that because no compensation is set out in the COID Act, leave taken due to an IOD for a period of less than three days should to be taken as sick leave.