Enough admin time?

Enough admin time?

Business, Human Resources

Author: Daniel Dinnie (TimeGuard)

Have you got enough time to do all your admin? Sifting through in and out clocks from timecards and doing calculations can take hours – and that is if the data is correct. Then, capturing this information into a spread sheet and your payroll takes even longer.

Is this really how you want to spend your day? Is it the most productive way that your admin staff can spend their time?

Fortunately, computers and software solutions can process this kind of data with the push of a button.

At HRTorQue, we can help you get started with a holistic time and attendance solution, from onsite installation of biometric devices at your premises through integration with your payroll system. Most importantly, we can assist you to interrogate your data and find ways to identify cost savings. Chat to us today for a free demo and quote – email [email protected].