Conflict Potential

Conflict Potential

Human Resources

When clients subscribe to our HR Admin product, our administrators come to a client’s premises for a set number of days per week/month. This gives us unique insights into the practical day-to-day employee issues clients face.

Conflict in the workplace is common place and can arise for a number of reasons. One of the key reasons we see conflict arising stems from uncertainty faced by employees:

  • There are no Job Profiles in place with clear expectations and measurements.
  • Managers do not have the skills to assist employees set and achieve goals.

Tip: Involve employees to assist you in formalising their Key Performance areas.

If you have been considering why you are experiencing conflict and non-performance on a daily basis, turn your thoughts to the possibility that employees may not know exactly what’s expected of them.

Managers assess and implement individual work standards and timing according to what they believe is possible and reasonable. Naturally, these would differ between the Managers and conversations with employees inevitably end up in conflict, refusals to obey instructions, and decreased employee morale.

If a company makes an objective assessment of reasonable inputs and outputs based on work-study results or previous experience, and obtains the input and sign off from employees, they are more likely to enjoy stress free management, increased employee initiative, and reliance on employees meeting their KPAs responsibly and independently.