Human Resources

Accelerate is a management development programme designed to provide managers with cutting edge information and support the use of that knowledge within the workplace. The programme divides the content of what would normally be a two day workshop into a series of 90 minute modules which are interspersed with 60 minute coaching sessions to embed the learning.

Training sessions are scheduled approximately every two weeks with a coaching session run in the week between the training weeks.

We allow four months for the 6 modules in order to accommodate weeks in which the manager may not be available. Over the four month period the coaching supports the manager as the theoretical knowledge is tested in the real world, allowing the development of a skill set which is relevant and applicable to the organisational environment.

Content is partially tailored to the specific needs of the manager and the organisation but all courses contain the following:

  1. Fundamentals of Management – planning, leading, organising and controlling
  2. Self-Management – emotional intelligence (EQ), authenticity, motivation
  3. Performance Management – goal setting, managing diversity, employee engagement
  4. Communication – having difficult conversations, managing conflict, sharing information
  5. Team Building – group dynamics, organisational culture, building co-operative teams
  6. Strategic Thinking – aligning performance goals to strategy, decision making, meeting management, monitoring performance

Where more than one manager is enrolled on the course, it is suggested that the training sessions be run as group sessions to ensure alignment. Coaching sessions remain one-on-one.